Pawsome Services Your Dog Will Love!

All services include deshedding, brushing and poop ‘n’ scoop at no extra cost

2nd and 3rd dog no extra charge

Dog Walking 

I offer dog walking throughout the day, 365 days a year. Walking provides exercise, socialization, discipline, bonding and helps with digestion. Dog(s) are walked individually and in their own neighbourhood. 

15 Minute Walk $10

30 Minute Walk $15 

45 Minute Walk $20 

Puppy Visits/Drop-Ins 

Puppies are adorable, cuddly, and full of energy. They can develop separation anxiety and regular scheduled visits can help them socialize, empty their bladder, and play. 

15 Minute Drop In (pee/poo) $10 

30 Minute Visit $15

Vacation Visits:

Going Away? 3 Visits a day!

$40 per day, for 3, 30 minute visits – morning, afternoon and evening. 

Mail brought in, lights turned on/off, garbage & recycling put out and brought in.

Kitty Visits:

30 minutes  $15

Fed, fresh water, litter sifted and changed if needed, lots of playtime (treats if approved).

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